Hi, I’m college educated, retired from the military, father of three and work in the IT field.


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  1. Dale Husband says:

    I have a question. Do you think there is (or should be) a difference between a NON-theist and an A-theist? I think we do need different words for a person who merely lacks belief in a god, and one who DENIES the existence of God. Saying that are the same is like saying all persons who lack money also deny the value of money. That’s absurd, of course. Please look at and respond to this blog entry I made about this thorny issue:


    Unless and until people make up their minds about definitions of words, we really cannot communicate effectively those words.

  2. Hi, mi mom owns trinty speaks u may rember posting on her blog about please well ur religon we dnt belive in our religon u ddnt belive in BUT H

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