Guess What Was Censored?

I want to start by saying I’m a big fan of the Canadian comedic actor Dave Foley.  I first enjoyed his performances in “The Kids In The Hall” then loved him on “News Radio” and because I like their more offbeat humor I especially loved the “Kids In The Hall: Death Comes to Town” miniseries.  He’s been in tons more things but those are my favorites.  So when I first noticed he had a comedy special on Netflix four years ago called “Relatively Well” I snatched it up and loved it too.  I especially enjoyed this bit regarding Atheism that you can see at this YouTube link,  Just  yesterday I noticed it was on a Roku channel called “Comedy Dynamics” and decided it would be fun to watch it again but guess which part was censored out?  Every single syllable about Atheism.  More proof positive that Atheists are a misunderstood, mistrusted and marginalized minority.  Dave, I hope you’re not to blame that the best bit was cut out of your special!


About AnonAtheist

I'm a past middle aged man who woke up a few years ago and realized all religion is nonsense. Why did I come to this decision? Because of my kids. As a good father, I had an obligation to research at least the locally predominant Christian religion before I decided what to tell my children about it. After reading as much of the Bible as I could stand it was obvious. Religion is a load of malarkey. Enjoy my blog!
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