Jon Stewart Does Not Represent My Views

What “The Daily Show” did to Dan Barker and the ffrf was unforgivable.  They took a rational, sane, calm and inspirational person and tried unsuccessfully to make him look like a kook.  After that the business of “false equivalence” of the left and right of his rally was very disappointing.   Take a look at the interview with Rachel Maddow and decide for yourself.  He showed his true colors during that interview and is hiding behind this “we’re just a comedy show” shtick.  They also allow too many right wing celebrities on the show and treat them far too kindly.


About AnonAtheist

I'm a past middle aged man who woke up a few years ago and realized all religion is nonsense. Why did I come to this decision? Because of my kids. As a good father, I had an obligation to research at least the locally predominant Christian religion before I decided what to tell my children about it. After reading as much of the Bible as I could stand it was obvious. Religion is a load of malarkey. Enjoy my blog!
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