SE Cupp – My Prediction

In case you don’t know who SE Cupp is, she is the supposed right wing atheist that is making regular appearances hawking her new book.  Here’s a link where she’s claiming the media is hostile to religion.  My prediction?  She’ll convert soon and try to capitalize on the fact that she “used to be an outspoken atheist” who has now “seen the light.”  I predict her future on Fox news.


About AnonAtheist

I'm a past middle aged man who woke up a few years ago and realized all religion is nonsense. Why did I come to this decision? Because of my kids. As a good father, I had an obligation to research at least the locally predominant Christian religion before I decided what to tell my children about it. After reading as much of the Bible as I could stand it was obvious. Religion is a load of malarkey. Enjoy my blog!
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