Mental Illness on Parade

When I heard “Coach” Dave Daubenmire was organizing a rally at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant I couldn’t resist the urge to stop by and see what all the hubbub was.  They were a dedicated bunch of about thirty loons, I’ll give ’em that because it was nasty, cold, wet and windy.  What has their panties in a bunch this time is the recent appearance in central Ohio of billboards that claim “Jesus is Muslim” and “Muslims love Jesus too” sponsored by a group called “Ask a Muslim.”  It’s great “Coach” Dave and his hoard are leaving gays alone for a change and going after Muslims instead.  He must have learned his lesson after his homophobia backfired on him recently and decided to go after the relatively powerless Muslim minority.  Atheists can get the popcorn and watch while primitive Middle Eastern religions duke it out.



Especially fun were the signs saying “REPENT AMERICA” and “COWARDLY GO FIRST!”

IMG_0737I couldn’t quite make out where the cowardly were going first but wondered if they meant the strip club next door.

IMG_0736The billboard in question is one of those that periodically flashes different signs.  In between the ads for Claritin and Monster trucks is the non-offensive message that has “Coach” Dave’s Ohio Taliban up in arms.


I’m sure it’s no coincidence “Coach” Dave chose this particular billboard next to Mcdonald’s because if you’ve ever seen the guy it’s pretty clear gluttony is one of the deadly sins he supports.

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Congrats to Rebecca Vitsmun and Her Family

She promised to give whatever she doesn’t need to charity which is very noble of her. I donated and wouldn’t mind a bit if her and her family kept every penny. The cost of higher education for her kids alone will consume most of the donations.

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Atheists Are Patriotic

Here in the USA, god and country are intertwined in an often sickening manner.  The Teabaggers are often a perfect example (warning, the website has really cheesy audio).  The herd mentality of religion and ultra-patriotism (I think nationalism is a better word) go hand in hand.  But these mindsets crush the dissenters and discourage individual thought.  Atheists  support the freedoms of the constitution , especially the 1st amendment which was best interpreted by founding father Thomas Jefferson as “building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

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Medium Large Comic: Thursday, July 7, 2011 (via Medium Large)

Too funny!

Medium Large Comic: Thursday, July 7, 2011 Follow on Twitter @fmarciuliano Follow on Facebook … Read More

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The TEA Party




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In America, Religion Should Be Taxed Out of Existence.

The government has successfully reduced smoking by taxing tobacco, why not do the same with religion?  It would solve the deficit problem and make religion an honest player in the political arena.

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Of Course He Is Appealing!

Of course John Freshwater is appealing his termination and I am thrilled.  I hope it drags out as long as possible.  Everyone needs to see how willful ignorance, stubbornness and RELIGION go hand in hand.  Plus I suspected he was up to something because he hasn’t yet gone on Glenn Beck and / or the right wing Christian martyr circuit to beg for more money and sympathy.

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